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  • Visit to Pakistan Airforce Base "Mushaf"
    Visit to Pakistan Airforce Base "Mushaf"  

  • Girls Cadet College Jhang visit to PAF Base Mushaf
    GCCJ visit to Pakistan Airforce Base "Mushaf"

  • Best Achievement Award awarded by Governor Punjab
    Best Achievement Award awarded by Governor Punjab

  • Admiral Noaman Bashir
    Admiral Noaman Bashir, Chief of Naval Staff Awarding the National Award

Pak forces offer commision for girls
Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy & Pakistan Airforce has started offering regular commision for girls in all operational branches as well as in non-operational departments. Pakistan Airforce is enrolling girls after (Pre-Eng) as GD Pilot. Brave daughters of this motherland are becoming fighter pilots. Same way a bright future as commisioned officer in Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army is waiting for the promising canidates. Cadet College Jhang has felt the requirements to prepare the girls on professional footings to make them eligible to get the commision.

Up We Fly Paragliding Training
  1. (The wish to travel in the air was not the original idea or impulse of human flight, but to conquer the sky, to leave the surface of the earth and so the earthly vale of tears.)
  2. Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, & there you will always long to return” (Leonardo Da Vinci).
  3. During every summer vacations volunteer cadets go for paragliding training in Kalar Kahar area. Cadet College Jhang is permanent member of  the only Paragliding School in Pakistan at Chuwa Saiden Shah.
Down We Ski
Cadet College Jhang is only educational institution in Pakistan which offers snow skiing training to its cadets on professional footings. Cadets under go skiing training in co-ordination with Pakistan Ski Federation. Pakistan Air Force Base  kala bagh, PTDC Motel, Malam Jabba, PAF Dett. Naltar are the only three ski resorts in Pakistan. CCJ arranges training on all these places. Cadets have been participating in national championship for the last three years consecutively. CCJ has the honor to represent Punjab as well as Pakistan Navy in National Children Ski Cup this year.





Dare to Assault
Assault Exercises are a routine activity of the Cadet College Jhang where cadets are given a task to complete in a stipulated time with maximum hurdles, resistance and tough environment. These exercises give cadets a confidence to fight back the difficult challenges of life.

war exercise

War Exercises

Quick Reflexes.

Quiz Competitions are held on regular basis to improve the intelligence & IQ level. Cadet College Jhang is Regional Level Champion at Spelling Bee Competition held by Dawn News at Lahore.



War exercises are held every year by providing the natural situation of war.In 2014, exercise was named as Zarb-e-Momin (II). The cadets were divided in 2 countries.

1)    Blue Land
2)    Orange land included.

The disputed area was Golden Dessert (territory of Blue Land).The dialogue was made between Prime Ministers of 2 countries after no resolution the problem was submitted to UN. After no comprise in dialogues the war begun. In the dessert (Thal of Athara Hazari near Head Tarimu). Cadets spent two nights in the open dessert, erected their tents, managed their mess and fought the war bravely. Blue Land won the war and recovered their occupied area of Golden Dessert.



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Visit to Pakistan Airforce Base "Mushaf"

Visit to Pakistan Airforce Base "Mushaf"


Girls Cadet College Jhang visit to PAF Base Mushaf

GCCJ visit to Pakistan Airforce Base "Mushaf"

Recreational visits

Recreational visits

Recreation is part of life. Cadet College Jhang provides recreational trips to cadets time to time. Cadets visited the Bhurban valley, Heritage Museum Islamabad.
Cadet College Jhang is a permanent member of Youth Hostel Association Pakistan.

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Skiing Championship 2014

Snow Skiing Team of Cadet College Jhang represented Punjab in National skiing children championship held at Pakistan Airforce Base Naltar .Team secured National Girls Skiing championship trophy and First 5 positions out of 10 in National competition. They were given an Air ride From Pakistan Airforce Base Chaklala to Gilgit by PAF C-130  and from Gilgit air lifted by Army Mi -17 between Naltar and Gilgit . Thank you Ski federation , thank you Pakistan Airforce , thank you Pakistan Army and Well Done Boys and Girls for staying and struggling in minus 15 & below temperature for 16 days. Keep your flag high.

Annual Parents Day 13-14

Annual Parents Day of Cadet College Jhang was graced by above 3500 guests.This time all the Guest of honours were all the Principals of very prestigious institutions of the area and leaders of Rotary. We all are thankful to Chairman Ghazali education system Prof Gauhar Siddiqui and the principals of Chenab College Jhang,Beacon House, Garrison School System,Leaders Academy,Gilani school, President PS Association ,Governor Rotary Club Jhang Central Zahid Malik, Mian Najeeb Afzal, President Rotary Club Jhang Sadar Syed Feroze Iqbal Gilani ,Mian Riaz Majeed, Colnel Bharwana for giving away above 400 prizes to students. All the stage performances of students were wonderful but Drama "Pawnay Chawda August Part 2", "Angels & Demons" and "Folk Dances" of all 4 Provinces on colleges' open Air theater were absolutely Superb. Well Done Boys , Well Done Girls. Very Well done Management and Staff Members For A Well Organized Show. DVD Of Annual Parents Day Is Available At The Campus.

Musical Night

Cadets Enjoyed a Musical night in chilling winter night with Bonfire. Cadets performed many funny skits in which humor was created by making very sober fun of seniors, management and even the C.E.O               Lt.Commander Suhaib Farooq. Khattak,Bhangra,Balochi,and Dharees dances were performed by the Cadets. Camping in the open round was made a memorable amazing wonderful night followed by a cowboy dress competition in the morning.Delicious dinner, hot green tea, sizzling soup & (Garam Pakoras) were the salient servings of the night.